Tegan Smith, MCP, RPP, MCIP

1. Tell us a bit about your profession or business.

I am the founder of Channel Consulting, a Vancouver real estate planning consultant firm leading land use approvals and government relations.

We specialize in land use planning, land use studies, zoning reports, zoning opinions, urban planning, land use approvals, and government relations for land development.

Channel sets the tone for real estate developers, government organizations, and non-profit groups to work with municipal governments, as well as FLNRORD, DFO, ALC, MOTI, and First Nations.

We support private development, government, and non-profit clients in assessing impacts of land use regulations on land development. We empower good decisions by municipal Councils, statutory decision-makers, investment committees, capital committees, and Boards.

2. Why did choose your career?

I love working with others to make our City a great place for future generations.

3. How did you get to where you are today? Design? Chance? Both?

Two chances and one design!

Chance #1: After asking an undergraduate urban geography professor about a profession that would allow me to pursue my passion for city building, I was accepted into the Master of City Planning program straight out of university.

Chance #2: Mentors that came into my path in government helped me to appreciate the value in listening to diverse perspectives in order to develop solutions on complex projects.

Design: I have designed Channel Consulting to align to my gifts of listening and connecting people to find truth. I thrive when I am listening about issues and then, connecting the most talented team in the industry to unlock solutions on land development projects in the Vancouver region.

4. What is your most significant achievement? What are you proud of?

My most significant achievement is building a successful company that fully aligns to my values.

5. What are some key challenges and opportunities for working mothers?

The biggest challenge for me as a working mother has been to set healthy boundaries around my time and make time for myself.

There is a huge opportunity in mothers setting clear boundaries and making time for themselves. That is the one thing that I hope my kids will do better than me when they are parents. In my experience, it takes rest and reflection to be at my best. When I am grounded, I attract people and opportunities, and the money follows.

6. What advice would you give a woman starting her career?

Every day make time to know yourself and be curious about what you need to be successful. Play to your strengths and engage help from others as needed.