Working Mom Highlight – Nicole Garton

By |2022-08-17T09:14:57-07:00August 1st, 2022|The Motherhood Journey|

  Nicole Garton 1. Tell us a bit about your profession or business. As the principal lawyer of Heritage Law, I’m a lawyer and mediator practising in the areas of wills and estates and family law. As the President of Heritage Trust, I lead a trust company that offers executor, trustee and power of attorney [...]

Working Mom Highlight – Nancy Sims

By |2022-08-17T09:14:50-07:00July 17th, 2022|The Motherhood Journey|

Nancy Sims 1. Tell us a bit about your profession or business. I am a civil, hydrotechnical engineer working in a medium sized consulting firm, Northwest Hydraulic Consultants (NHC). NHC is an independent, employee-owned company providing innovative and specialized hydrotechnical engineering and geoscience consulting services. We are known for combining practical knowledge and experience with [...]

Working Mom Highlight – Naomi Denning

By |2022-08-17T09:14:45-07:00June 26th, 2022|The Motherhood Journey|

Naomi Denning, ASIP, MBA 1. Tell us a bit about your profession or business. I work as an investment consultant, with Eckler Vancouver since 2018 and previously running the Asia Pacific investment business for Willis Towers Watson for over 20 years before moving to Canada. Our business is to help institutional investors (pension funds, endowments, [...]

Working Mom Highlight – Tegan Smith

By |2022-08-17T09:14:39-07:00June 12th, 2022|The Motherhood Journey|

Tegan Smith, MCP, RPP, MCIP 1. Tell us a bit about your profession or business. I am the founder of Channel Consulting, a Vancouver real estate planning consultant firm leading land use approvals and government relations. We specialize in land use planning, land use studies, zoning reports, zoning opinions, urban planning, land use approvals, and government [...]

The Joys, Sorrows and Complexity of Working Moms and Nannies

By |2019-02-16T09:53:28-08:00February 12th, 2019|The Motherhood Journey|

I don’t know how I would have survived early motherhood without our nanny Jenefer. I started my law firm in June of 2005 pregnant, although I didn’t know it at the time. My daughter was born nine months later, in March of 2006. Although I would not exactly call my current schedule “relaxed,” it is [...]


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